Terms & Conditions

We at Bethlehem Olive Wood do all we can to put our customer s first. Even during trying times, we still make it to work every day and work our hardest at providing quality products in a time of need. Like any custom product, at times there can be delays but we will work diligently to get your order to you no matter where you order from.


All orders in Europe and Asia should be made at www.bethelehemolivewood.net. All orders in the USA can be made at either location but because of time zone differences using www.bethelehemolivewoodimports.com may be a better choice.


All purchases are not shipping until payment in full. This applies to Check, credit card and PayPal purchases.


For any reason if a product is defective due to splitting (not shipping) we will offer a replacement free of charge. If damaged from shipping, the product claim will be filed with the carrier and as soon as approved by the carrier we will refund the buyer. We always insure our shipments. If for some reason a product is not wanted, we accept returns minus a 15% restocking fee to cover expense endure on our end in shipping and receiving.


Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions including quantity ordering, reseller purchases, and similar. We will get back to you within the very next business day. Thank you, Bethlehem Olive Wood.

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