Bethlehem Olive Wood of Israel, is dedicated to providing world class carvings and products made of hand selected olive wood from the Holy Land of Israel. In addition to the products we offer, we also offer Olive Wood in the form of slabs, spindles, round & square stock, logs and more. Our Olive Wood comes from throughout Israel primarily from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Nazareth. Even though the olive tree can live virtually forever, the people of Israel have a mutual respect for the tree and the use of its fruits and woods. Years ago they devised a "pruning season" where as trimmings must be of proper tree sections and during the trimming season of the year. This process actually promotes additional growth along with a better quality of fruit (olives) and wood.


Orders can be placed directly from our production facility & warehouse (, or purchased in USA from Bethlehem Olive Wood Imports ( We are stocking more and more items in the states and our shipping route there is smooth like clockwork. All order placed in the states are sent to both locations so as to assure a speedy departure.


Quantity orders are placed regularly and usually no order is too large. We have large storage facilities where we store and dry our stock.


All custom requests are welcome and in fact we welcome them. Simply fill out the request for so we may begin to assist you with a quote and with much appreciation, your order.

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