Work of God

Looking closely at the grain of the wood you will sometimes notice many surprises. Sometimes you will see animals other times you see faces and places . We just started recently to take pictures of some of the unusual grains we find and have been finding them for years!

We named these findings as we saw them but some of you might see something different. Art is in the eye of the beholder! We call these pieces of art "the work of God".


Peace Dove




Whale & the Shark


Blessed mother



We noticed this fish shape when we where cutting olive wood. It is a result of a natural branch. The picture of your left is the outside of the branch as you can see it still have natural bark and the second picture on your right is the back.




One of the most common things we find when we cut Bethlehem olivewood branches is bullets!! This is a result of the recent shootings and fighting in Bethlehem these
bullets keep damaging our saw blades!! Who would ever imagined that the
olive Tree the sign of peace will be shot in Bethlehem the city of Jesus
birth and cradle of peace!!!


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